Golden Achievement Award

  • Individual PR Project
    Award: Framed Certificate
    Contest Period: Jan. 1, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022
    Cost: $30 members / $35 non-members

    Description of Award:

    This awards program is for projects that represent an aspect of the overall public relations program.Examples include back-to-school infor-mation campaign; series of publications designed to accomplish a specific purpose; campaign material for programs to build understanding for schools; series of media relations activities; staff and student recognition and internal programs; school activities, programs or projects at shopping malls; a marketing/e-marketing component dealing with pre-school, community education, or other special efforts; series of radio and television shows or PSAs; exemplary community involvement techniques for volunteers/advisory councils, coalitions, non-parents, etc.; anniversary celebrations; business-school partnerships; bond referendum, crisis communication, etc. Each entry is judged against the criteria, not other entries. Judges will select as many winners as meet the contest criteria.


    1. Read the guidelines carefully. If you fail to follow the guidelines, the judges will subtract points in judging or disqualify your entry.
    2. Prepare a one-page summary of the activity, project, publication, or video specifically addressing its purpose and your analysis, planning, communication and evaluation.
    3. Supplementary documentation is permissible, but is limited to 3 pages of newspaper clippings, letters, brochures, etc. Videos or video links may be submitted for appropriate broadcast entries.
    4. Brevity, clarity of concept, good writing and evidence of objective evaluation of your project are factors the judges look for in winning entries.
    5. Organize your entry using the four-step criteria that the judges will evaluate on a point scale. These are:


    • Evidence of Need - Evidence of the need or problem must be described and program goals must be stated and measurable.
    • Planning - Identified target audiences, involve-ment of others in the planning, variety of communication channels considered and utilized.
    • Execution/Communication - Timelines, implementation strate-gies, and effective communication techniques.
    • Evaluation - Evidence that your program accomplished your stated goals.