Publications & Electronic Media


  • Individual Projects
    Award: Framed Certificate
    Contest Period: Jan. 1, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022
    Cost: $25 members / $30 non-members


    This awards program is for the entry of individual publications and electronic media productions. Prizes are awarded according to type of publication or electronic media entry. The award for winning entries is the Award of Excellence. Each entry is judged against the criteria, not other entries.  Judges will select as many winners that meet contest criteria. Some print and electronic entries may be appropriate for each of the following categories.


  • Publications - Entries will be judged on excellence of graphic layout and design, writing, and content.

    Electronic Media - Entries will be judged for professional quality and presentation of message.


    • Entries compete only against award criteria and not against other entries. There is no limit to the number of entries per category.

    • Newsletter/newspaper entries must include at least two different issues to qualify as an entry.

    • Please indicate the audience, intent of purpose and method of delivery for the entry.

    • For publications or electronic media entries being submitted via web address, URL or You Tube, etc.,  Please test the link well before you submit to ensure it is PUBLICALLY available to judges.  (For example, documents in Google Drive must be "public".)

    Submission of any entry shall constitute entrant’s representation that all material is original and/or free from unauthorized use of copy, design, art and/or photographs from other sources.


Catagory Description
Annual Report Published once a year to summarize activities.
Blog General or special focus blog posted regularly (at least monthly) that supports district/school communication efforts. Submit print copies of three consecutive postings and include the website address for Internet access.
Branding-Image Package A unit of identification items that may include a logo, marketing statement, etc., that brands a district, school, agency, or organization.
Calendar Student or employee calendars designed as communication tools. These should be specially-designed graphics for calendars (and not PDFs of Google or other online calendars.)
Excellence in Writing Creative writing, persuasive writing, information writing, samples which are independent of publications and may be written as speeches, op-eds, etc.
Finance Publication Products developed to communicate and create understanding about how schools are funded, taxes, school and district uses of revenue, etc.
Handbook Contains general information about policies and regulations, issued for students, teachers, or parents.
Infographic Visual representation of important content designed in a quick, impactful way.
Magazine A single publication or a series of publications that address special topics or provides a comprehensive look at educational programs.
Marketing (Print and Electronic) Materials, to include videos, to communicate a school or school district's special qualities that make it appealing to potential customers; materials to make the school or district a "school/district of choice."
Newsletter (Print and Electronic) External or internal; published periodically. At least two different issues of a newsletter must be submitted to qualify as an entry.
Photography Entries can be a single photograph or a group of photographs associated with a single event. Photos should be submitted electronically.
Podcasting/Audio Message board information, news releases/bulletins, promotional announcements, public service announcements; judged for professional quality, sound, content. Include a one-page explanation of how and why the podcast/audio is being used and the outcomes achieved. Submit on a single CD/DVD or flash/jump drive and/or provide a URL for Internet access. Limit each entry to a single recording, program or project.
Social Media Communication efforts or campaigns using Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets. Include a one-page explanation of how and why the social media is being used and the outcomes achieved. Include screenshots or links to three relevant posts and provide a URL for Internet access.
Special Purpose Publication External or internal booklets, brochures, posters, PowerPoint Presentations, and material not included in other categories.
Video (In-House and Outside Contractor) Programs designed for websites, video newscasts, PSAs, special events, mobile apps, etc.; judged for professional quality, sound, color, motion and content. Video entries must be submitted by URL link or digital file - Quicktime or MP4 digital file format preferred. (Please make sure to test link to ensure it is publicly viewable.)
Website Entries are judged on clarity, appropriateness of content, and graphic design. Please include the Internet address of the website.